The production and warehousing building of OÜ Epokate is ready

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  • May 05, 2009

YIT Ehitus AS started the construction of the production and warehousing building of OÜ Epokate in December 2008 and it was ready by the first days of May 2009. In the production and warehousing building, built according to the design of OÜ Tareke Projekt, there is in total over 505 m2 of production and non-work rooms. In the building there is a production room of 185 m2 for the production and packaging of resin materials, the warehousing room with the space of 100 m2 and the height of 7 m for the storage of raw and finished materials, rest rooms for workers (36 m2), office rooms (165 m2), separate laboratories and archives. The design and the building were accomplished in compliance with all the regulations for an enterprise of chemical industry. After moving in and commencement of production in December 2009, the Tartu Rural Municipality gave the authorisation for use of the building.

The building is situated in the vicinity of Tartu, in Vahi Industrial Park, at the address Savimäe 5, Vahi Village, Tartu Rural Municipality, Tartu County. There is a good access to the lot for transporters and convenient loading and unloading facilities.

The production and warehousing building enables to advance the production development of Epokate OÜ and ensures the stable, modern and convenient working conditions for production and development activity.